Xiaomi Mi Band 5

د.ج 5500,00


We offer you the original smart and modern bracelet from Xiaomi, with very advanced features, that enable you to track your daily activity and everything related to your physical fitness, as it gives you detailed daily reports from the moment you wake up in the morning until you sleep, such as calculating the calories burned or the steps and distance you walk daily, in addition to Heart rate measurement and many more features.
The feature of calculating steps and calories, tracking the paths you walk daily, and monitoring the heart rate.
You can download the Mi Fit app and connect the watch via Bluetooth to coordinate between your phone and the band.
* It comes with 11 apps dedicated to monitoring your health and helping you lose weight.
* Waterproof to track your swimming activity up to 50m for 10 minutes.
* Music control feature from your phone so that you can change music tracks.
* Supports connection to smartphones Android 5.0 / IOS 10 and above.
* The ability to modify the wallpaper and change it with many other backgrounds.
* It can display various messages and notifications that arrive on your phone.
* Powerful battery that lasts up to 14 days to charge in just 2 hours.
* Dedicated button to view the camera from your phone and shoot easily.
* AMOLED high quality color touch screen.
* It has a magnetic touchless charging feature

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