Players whose careers were destroyed by a single game

Today we are going to talk about a strange case of a star who shone in international stadiums, but one game was enough to destroy his career.

Jose Cliperson, Manchester United player

Before joining the Red Devils, Kleberson was a legend at his Brazilian club Atlético Brilliance, who won the Brazilian League title in 2001, which secured him a place with the Brazilian national team in the Cup of the world 2002.

He played 5 games in which he provided two assists and was in the squad for the World Cup with his country in 2002 in Korea and Japan against the German giants

In 2003, he moved to Manchester United for 6.5 million pounds, and his transfer took place the same day with Portuguese talent Cristiano Ronaldo at the time, although Cristiano was his mission for the future, but Kleberson was expected to have immediate results and replace veteran Roy Keane in midfield, to form a valuable partner alongside Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, and others.

But what was not expected was a resounding fall of the Brazilian delegate and world champion
The match that brought him bad luck was the second game of the season against Southampton, where he was injured early on and did not recover from his injury until nine months later, forcing the club to get rid of him for only two million pounds to the Turkish club Besiktas, but unfortunately for him he could not return to his level even in the Turkish championship, after the big failure in Europe he decided to return to his country and then end his career in the age of thirty-six in second division clubs in the Americas.

Unfortunately, a match ended his career as one of the world champions in 2002.