Creatine supplement and its importance for athletes

Creatine is one of the most important nutritional supplements at all, and despite all the scientific research that proves the importance of creatine, but in Algeria and almost all Arab countries, it is considered one of the supplements the least nutritional ones that are used compared to other nutritional supplements that we use and spend exorbitant amounts of money on, but its real value is worth nothing.

In this article we will explain why creatine is one of the most important nutritional supplements that we must use in our daily life.

In the latest report from the International Organization for Athletes’ Nutrition, it was proven that a normal person needs one to three grams of creatine per day, this is a small percentage that you can provide to your body. if you eat meat or fish every day, but if you are an athlete, your body needs about five to ten grams of creatine daily, and that number is impossible to get if you depend only on food, so if you are an athlete, you must consume creatine.

What is the importance of creatine?

The first thing is that creatine helps conserve energy and therefore will help you exercise harder and increase your athletic performance.

The second thing, creatine, helps protect you from injury to a great extent and reduces spasms and muscle tension by a high percentage

Also, creatine supplement is one of the cheapest supplements compared to other supplements.

There is common misinformation circulating among people that creatine retains water under the skin, and this information is incorrect. Creatine retains water inside the muscle, and more specifically you as an athlete, this is what you need.

Moreover, among the rumors circulating about creatine that it causes baldness and affects the liver, all these rumors circulating are without scientific support, and creatine is completely innocent of it.

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