Acne…the problem of young people

Acne occurs in young people but also in old people.
Abir Alafifi, expert in aesthetic medicine explains how these red pimples appear. “The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, a fat that prevents the loss of water from our epidermis. If these glands produce more than they need, that fat gets stored and stored under the skin, causing the pores to close and causing what is commonly known as a blackhead to appear, which is just oxidized sebum with air. she explains.
But storage isn’t the only cause of acne. Indeed, the doctor explained to me that under the skin, another type of bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes, appears and infects the skin, then red pimples appear.
It should be noted that acne does not appear only in adolescents. Other categories may be affected, particularly women in their thirties with hormonal imbalances, Dr Alafifi continued.

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Treatment :

To treat, determining the type of acne is essential to get rid of it.
Doctors distinguish three families: recurrent acne, inflammatory acne and acne conglobata.
It can only be diagnosed by people who can determine what type of acne and the most appropriate treatment, she adds.

For this effect, several treatments exist, from creams to
But “science has made great progress in the treatment of acne with lasers, peels or even micro-spots with led light”, continues the practitioner.

For everyday gestures, Dr. Al Afifi recommends protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays by wearing sunscreen all year round.

The doctor also recommends avoiding certain products, especially those with a high glycemic index, such as sweets, fried foods and soft drinks.

In addition, she also advises to avoid cosmetic products that tend to close the pores and to favor non-comedogenic products to avoid the storage of fat under the skin.