A player who was rejected by a little club , and he became a legend in big club

اسطوره تم رفضه من قبل نادي مغمور

Andriy Shevchenko

This is the story of a legend who was rejected by an unknown club and became a legend in an ancient club In the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four, the Ukrainian striker spent a whole week with the English club West Ham. In order to conduct auditions that would allow him to join the club. At the time, the English club was led by coach Harry Redknapp, who himself mentioned that Shevchenko’s experience with the club turned out to be a good striker. However, West Ham decided not to accept him because his agents demanded one million pounds in order to complete the transfer process. Then Harry Redknapp decided that Shevchenko’s talent was not worth paying that amount and decided not to sign him. This is the story of a legend who was rejected by a little-known club to become one of the most important strikers in the history of Ukraine and AC Milan.